Arrest affidavits reveal details in Hazana Anderson case


FOX44 has obtained affidavits relating to the case of Hazana Anderson.

According to these documents, College Station Police Department dispatch received a 911 call on October 28 from 21-year-old Tiaundra Christon, reporting her two-year-old daughter was missing.

Her daughter was identified as one-year-old Hazana Anderson, and was left in a baby stroller at Gabbard Park – located at 1201 S. Dexter Drive.

CSPD Sergeant Danny Junek was told by Officer Gary Sutherland that Christon stated she went to get an item from her vehicle located approximately 600 yards away from the stroller. Christon told Sutherland she returned to the area where she left the child and the stroller was present, but the child was missing.

The child was not located in the park or the surrounding area. Affiant learned from CSPD Detectives that several inconsistencies began to emerge in Christon’s story during the interview. For example, Christon reported to detectives that Anderson had only been unattended for around one minute, but the child was not found in a reasonable search area to represent a young child’s possible travel in that short period of time.

The location where Christon indicated Anderson had been last seen was very close to a small body of water (a fishing pond located within the park), the most obvious hazard in the area. However, there were two witnesses fishing at the shore who, according to CPSD, did not hear or see a child at all and did not hear any noises associated with a child going into the water – despite the fact that they were very close to Anderson’s last known location.

During a canvas search of the area around the park, Trooper Erik Zani located a toy doll found inside a trash can located in the 1200 block of S. Dexter Drive which was in close proximity to Christon’s vehicle. The toy baby doll was found inside a women’s handbag. The doll was dressed in children’s clothing matching the clothing description provided by Christon at the time of the missing person call.

Detectives say Christon confirmed the clothes on the doll belonged to Anderson, but she did not have knowledge of how the clothes were placed on the dolls. Christon was subsequently arrested for false report and abandoning/endangering a child in Brazos County.

During the investigation into Anderson’s disappearance, a forensic search of Christon’s phone showed she communicated frequently with Kenny D’Shawn Hewett, a man Christon described as her boyfriend or fiancé. Christon had text messages and phone calls with Hewett using two phone numbers.

Hewett told detectives he stayed at the Downtowner Inns & Suites, located at 7117 Monroe Road in Houston, with Christon and Anderson. According to hotel records obtained by CSPD, it was determined Hewett checked into Room #209 on October 17 and checked out on October 20.

Cell phone records for Hewitt and Christon also support that they were both in the Houston area during this time. Christon later told detectives the child had left the hotel room with Hewett on the evening of October 19 to go to Taco Cabana for food. Christon said they returned approximately 30 minutes later and Anderson was crying.

She told detectives Hewett was violently hitting Anderson with a belt – causing whelps to her legs, arms and face. According to detectives, Christon stated Hewett was upset and told her to discipline her child, so she then hit Anderson a couple of times with the belt. Christon described Hewett as not being satisfied on how she hit Anderson, so he took the belt and began hitting Anderson again with the belt.

Christon told detectives Anderson began to go in and out of consciousness, so Christon and Hewett took Anderson to the bathroom. They took Anderson’s clothes off and put her in the bath tub to run water on her face in an attempt to revive her. According to Detective Wilson, Christon says Anderson then lost consciousness, but felt that she had a pulse.

Christon told detectives as she was removing Anderson from the bathtub, she noticed Anderson’s anus was open very wide and questioned why her anus would do this. They later discovered Anderson was dead. Anderson was cold to the touch and they used the hair dryer to attempt to warm her up. While doing so, the hair dryer began burning Anderson’s skin, and Anderson was unresponsive.

Christon kept Anderson’s corpse in her vehicle’s back passenger side floorboard for three days. She placed Anderson’s body in a plastic trash bag.

On October 23, Christon and Hewett drove to an unknown location near a body of water to dispose of the body. Hewett assisted her by wrapping the bag and corpse in a rope and attaching a heavy rock.

Christon tossed the corpse in a body of water. She agreed to take investigators to the location that Christon and Hewett disposed of Anderson’s corpse.

On October 31, divers from the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office recovered the corpse of a young child matching the description provided by Christon. On the same date, Hewett was located and voluntarily consented to a non-custodial interview. Hewett said he was involved in the disposal of Anderson’s corpse and provided many of the same details as Christon.

According to detectives, following the interview with Hewett, he directed detectives to the location in Galveston County where he and Christon disposed of Anderson’s Corpse.

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