Baylor hosts Free Farmer’s Market for Students


A recent study found 35 percent of college students don’t get three meals a day.

One church wants to help change this by hosting a free farmer’s market at Baylor.

“While it is not okay that we have students that are hungry, we do all we can to support them,” says graduate research assistant Cara Cilburn-Allen.

About 1,500 students enjoyed free produce thanks to Family of Faith Worship Center.

“They came and brought fresh fruits and vegetables,” Allen says. “The goal of this event is [to] raise awareness of college student food insecurity, which means college students that can’t access three nutritious meals a day.”

They donated 50,000 pounds in total, which Baylor student Samantha Corbin appreciates.

“You normally don’t see this at a lot of other campuses, and the fact that they know we are broke and starving, it’s pretty cool that they are giving us an opportunity to get more food,” Corbin says.

She also says it’s hard to be a college student and work at the same time.

“To balance a job, while also taking all your classes, I know a lot of people that are taking 17 hours or more, including myself and other friends, it’s hard to balance all of that. So like, free food is great when we can get it,” Corbin continues.

“For me, personally, like I just lost my job. So you know getting food has been kind of hard. This definitely comes in handy. I got like bread and lunch meat and potatoes and water. That’s basically, like, necessities,” says student Alijah Pecina. “I think it’s good. I appreciate it, because right now it’s like the end of the month and I’m like, I don’t have money to buy groceries, so that’s good.”

Baylor President Dr. Livingstone even came out to help distribute the food.

“I just think it’s really exciting that our students have come together to provide this opportunity for fresh fruits and vegetables for our students, particularly right here at the end of the semester as they get ready for finals week,” Dr. Livingstone explains.

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