Baylor students showcase sexual assault victim clothes

WACO, Texas - A Baylor student organization called It's On Us is telling the story of sexual assault victims by exhibiting the clothes they wore during their attack. 

The group wants people to know sexual assault can happen anywhere and to anyone, regardless of what you are wearing. 

"Part of her healing after the event, she burned all the clothes," says It's On Us President Caroline Grace. 

Grace described the re-creation of an outfit telling the story of rape. 

"These things are happening behind closed doors, and the fact that we are bringing these doors out of their homes - and therefore, the story is out of darkness," said Grace. 

All the stories in this exhibit are from people who live in Waco. 

"Citizens, Baylor students and families," said Grace. 

It shows sexual assault can happen to anyone regardless of what you are wearing. 

Grace says the exhibit proves even a woman wearing pants and a tie-dye shirt got raped by another woman she saw as a sister. 

"You wouldn't associate this with something profane or asking for it," said Grace. 

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, the majority of the crimes on college campuses are never reported. 

One in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college. 

"I just hope we all get better at responding to it. I definitely think we've done poorly in the past on how we respond to victims," said Grace. 

Grace says this starts by speaking up, even if you are a bystander, saying many times victims don't say anything because the first person they told may not believe them. 

"You should have known better. That is what keeps the survivors quiet, and that is what prevents us from getting justice because they still carry it on themselves," said Grace. 

All the doors the clothes are hanging on are painted teal, which is the color for National Sexual Assault Awareness.

The opening night is Friday, April 6th from 6p - 8p at Austin's at the Avenue. 

Week 1 at Austin's on the Avenue Alley, April 5-14 from 3p- 12a. 

Week 2 at Baylor University Martin Vara Daniel Plaza, April 16-26 from 8a- 5p

April 17 at Dia Del Oso from 8a - 5p

April 24, Dr. Pepper Hour from 3p- 4p

Closing night is April 27 at Jesus Said Love starting at 5p.

It's On Us has a partnership with other organizations like the Family Abuse Center and Advocacy Center. 

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