Baylor University hosting Mental Health Awareness Week


This week at Baylor University students are talking about mental health topics every single day.

Wednesday’s topic was healthy relationships and they gave out information about domestic violence and hotlines if you need help.

“There’s a lot of students that struggle with it and might not realize it. It’s a big issue on college campuses,” says Baylor Student Body President Hannah Causey.

Causey is very passionate about mental health.

“It affects everyone and it can affect people you are in class with, you live with. And you might not even know it so that’s why I think it’s really important to get that awareness out there,” Causey says.

She decided to make mental health awareness a week-long event, instead of one day like in the past. 

“Just because it’s something that you look at statistics the rates are crazy that students with different whether it’s anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or behavior, eating disorders,” Causey explains.

They had free cookies and handed out cards with counseling information on it. 

“Just little things we do that are fun and stress relievers but also things we can do that are actually resourceful for students,” Causey says.

Alpha Chi Omega members also talked to students about domestic violence.

“Alpha Chi we really devote our time educating people about not only domestic violence awareness but also what aspect of a relationship are deemed healthy and unhealthy,” says Alpha Chi Omega’s Vice President of Philanthropy, Emily Ditzler. 

Ditzler says one in three women are affected and one in four men. 

“We just feel on a college campus people really need to be educated about these statistics as well how to identify if their own friends are in unhealthy relationshps so they can know how to help them,” Ditzler continues.

Mental Health Awareness week continues through Friday.

Here is the full schedule:

You can also see the full schedule on their Facebook event. Click here for information. 

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