Bell Co. Jail to receive over 100 inmates from Kerr County

BELTON, Texas - A new contract between the Bell County and Kerr County Jails will soon bring thousands of dollars to Bell County. 

Jail administrators signed the contract Tuesday morning temporarily transferring over 100 inmates to Bell County.

"We get to make a little money for the space we're not currently using so it's a good thing," said Jail Captain Byron Shelton. 

The Kerr County inmates are being temporarily transferred because of jail remodeling.

"They're adding on to their jail and their project will last from 90-120 days and they need somewhere to house the inmates and we have the space in our downtown jail," said Capt. Shelton.
Bell County is charging Kerr County by the day and that money is expected to go to the general funds account where it may be used for equipment, trainings and even hiring additional staff. 
"There's always been the cry about the need for a little more staff, I think it's something that never changes in our line of work," said Lt. Steve Ramirez who works at the Bell County Jail. 
The inmates are expected in Bell County sometime within the next two weeks. 
Capt. Shelton says his staff is ready for the inmate increase and this deal is a step in the right direction for both counties. 
"It's a good thing when you can help another county that's growing, we understand that and we have the ability to take care of their needs so it's a win win situation and we run a quality facility here and we will make sure the inmates get the best care in custody."
And Shelton isn't the only one who thinks so. 
Lt. Ramirez says he's certain the inmates will be welcome in Central Texas and will be accommodated. 
"We're ecstatic to be able to help Kerr County and any other county that needs assistance, we'll show off our jail to any brother in law enforcement agencies even the public from time to time."
No additional correctional officers have been added or transferred to Bell County because of the extra inmates. 

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