Bellmead woman arrested after knife attack

BELLMEAD POLICE CAR_1524600438444.JPG.jpg

Bellmead police report a 49-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with an early morning knife attack on a man she lived with.

Theresa Ann Lopez was booked into the McLennan County Jail on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after police responded to a home in the 2100 block of Montrose at 2:24 a.m. Tuesday.

There they found the victim had locked himself in a room to keep his attacker away as he bled from various cuts.

The 36-year-old male victim told police he and his girlfriend had been in an argument most of the previous day and at one point he chose to just ignore the argument and went to bed.

Bellmead police spokesman Lt. Kory Martin said  some point after midnight he woke up to see a woman making slashing and stabbing motions toward him with a knife.

After receiving various cuts and lacerations he managed to get into another room and lock the door.

At that point he managed to call police for help.

While emergency medical personnel were helping him with this wounds,  he talked with police and they took the woman into custody.

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