Beto O'Rourke debate party reactions

WACO, Tx - With the four to five different Beto O'Rourke debate parties locally, it's the younger generation at Baylor University who feel they can be the ones to help turn Texas blue.

This year, a group of Baylor Bears are taking this year's midterm election more seriously than ever.

"I know it's very divided time, and the race is really close and I saw that, and that's one of the things I was looking for. The questions were very poignant and it was very contentious on both sides," says Baylor student Jared Devries.

Many participating in the debate party on Friday night heard O'Rourke hit some key issues they believed in.

"Beto did a good job representing all people no matter what your background or political affiliation, your sexual orientation, or anything," says student Whitney Johnson.

"Especially in terms of his privilege as a wait elected representative, trying to fight for the minority population in this state is really important," says event orrganizer Sam Cedar.

"The Santa Fe High School shooting was 45 minutes away for me. I was at Baylor when it happened, but it really hit close to home for me. And the fact that he spoke about that was very impactful," says student Ilana Wguyen.

Students also expressed that many adults they have spoken with don't think the younger generation has a strong enough voice, but with several just at this party turning 18 before the election, 
they believe they are really going to make a change adults will see.

"I think students across the country are getting fed up with the Trump presidency. I think we are looking for ways to swing Congress and the Senate to the left, and this is an opportunity we have as Texas voters to really make an impact," Cedar says.

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