Big XII Conference on black student government

WACO, Texas - Baylor University hosted the Big XII Conference on Black Student Government on Friday.

The idea behind the conference is to bring students from all over the country to Texas, and to help them carry and enhance the African American legacy.

"Some of the key things that they'll be taking away from this conference is how to serve their campus communities better in order to increase the awareness of diversity issues on their campus, and how we can bridge the gap and come together," says Advisor Dominque Hill.

The chair of the Big XII of BSG says, "So the theme of our conference is Sankofa. Our past stories are our future. So we want everyone to be leaving paying homage to their ancestors and also feeling like they are inspired to do more."

The council was created in 1977 when black students from all the schools in the Big VIII Conference 
came together in recognition that they were suffering from similar problems at their respective institutions. Now that it's mixed in with some national school spirit, the Big XII is growing every year.

"Baylor University is a PWI. And so, to have a lot of individuals come here looking like me, there is a sense of community and comradery," says Baylor student Jonah Trahan.

"To see this conference come together and see our young men and women come together to talk about the issues and the opportunities that they're looking into is just amazing," says Baylor Student Life Vice President Kevin Jackson.

"Going to see exactly what we can do to better prepare black students going back to their universities, to be advocates of change," says University of Missouri student Tayler Brumfield.

"I've actually learned about the importance of using our biology to enhance the way we study and different techniques to make us better students on our campus" says Baylor student Trevor Thompson.

"There are leadership workshops. There are empowerment style workshops. So that way they can get a sense of who they are as a people. And we have workshops on financial literacy. It's a broad spectrum of workshops that they are able to take while they're here," says Hill.

For more information, you can go here: https://www.baylor.edu/bigxiibsg/

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