Bruceville Eddy ISD: No threat

BRUCEVILLE-EDDY, TX - Bruceville-Eddy ISD Superintendent Richard Kilgore in a statement to parents says there is no documentation that an actual threat was made against the school.

Bruceville-Eddy police did have an increased presence on the campus Tuesday in the interest of caution, but Superintendent Kilgore that the administration investigated and conducted dozens of interviews with the assistance of law enforcement can find no indication the threatening statement was actually made.

About a third of the student population was absent Tuesday after word spread that a student had made a threat to the high school.

A statement to parents said that "student safety is our number one priority at BEISD, and we take all threats to our students, faculty and staff seriously.

Superintendent Kilgore also asked parents to have discussions with their children that the minute they hear a threat made to the school, they need to talk with administration or staff and not to pass it on to other students.

Lindsey Holmes a parent those two children attend Bruceville Eddy ISd says she appreciates the district calling her about the threat and taking it seriously. 

However, she sent her children to school Tuesday. 

"You can't live your life in such a way you are always afraid of what's gonna happen, you have to take that step out the door every day, you have to keep going in school."

The superintendent Richard Kilgore says social media deserves some blame for this. 

"Certainly it is easier to pass on misinformation a lot of time because you are not face to face."

Holmes agrees,"My kids are not allowed on social media yet cause I am what you would call a strict parent."

Kilgore says the district takes every threat seriously.

"First and foremost to keep them safe, but obviously we have a business at hand, our job is to educate these kids."

Holmes reminds her children to always keep their eyes and ears open. 

"If you hear something you make sure you let me know what is going on, you tell a grown up," says Holmes.

She has an advice for all students if the threat ever became a reality,"Trust your gut if you feel like something is wrong, don't try to be a hero, protect yourself, go somewhere safe and listen to the grown ups because they know how to keep you safe."

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