Car burglaries target local gym parking lots

WACO, Texas - There was heavy police presence at a local Chick-Fil-A after a major burglary arrest on Friday afternoon.

Two men were arrested, and are connected with six car burglaries targeting local gym parking lots.

Victim Michael Starts was very upset, but he - along with the five other victims - did get their stuff back.

Police say they were alerted by a passerby who flagged them down around 10:30 a.m., and then
he saw the two men breaking into cars in the Gold's Gym parking lot and the Academy Sporting Goods store.

"Im mad, anybody would be mad," Michael says.

Mike's car is one out of six who Waco Police say were broken into outside of Gold's and Academy on West Waco Drive and New Road.

"The other five or six people whose cars were broken into, I'm sure everybody is very heated at the moment," Michael says.

Two men are in custody for the burglaries after a passerby flagged down police and told them what they saw.

"Officer Morspoke was able to locate the suspect vehicle in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot, and we have recovered property from all six vehicles and returned it to their owners," says Sgt. J.M. Allovio, of the Waco Police Department.

According the the police, there was more stolen property linked to an earlier break-in from Friday at Planet Fitness on North Valley Mills Drive. A gun stolen in an earlier burglary was also found.

"Some of the property that was recovered out the of the vehicle today had been taken, but not in today's burglaries," Allovio says.

Police say the victims are lucky to be able to get their stuff back and urge people to never leave valuables in the cars.

"One of the suspects says he was walking through the parking lot at one point, looking into vehicles trying to find items out of value. From the criminal's own mouth, you really need to make sure your valuables are out of sight," Allovio says.

The names of the men arrested have not been released.

FOX44 also spoke with a man who allegedly sold one of the suspects the car just three weeks before the incident. There is no word yet on his relation to the suspects.

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