Central Texas coming together to feed the Drum Corps


Central Texas is coming together to help the over 150 members of the Santa Clara Vanguard.

The Drum Corps marching band’s food truck was in a wreck this week, leaving them without their usual meals.

“We need to be well fed in order to do this kind of activity, especially like out in the sun, with 106 degrees here in Texas,” said Bryan Palos, with the Vanguad.

Those members burn anywhere between 5,000 to 6,000 calories per rehearsal, add in the Texas heat and you’ve got yourself dozens of hungry performers.

“There was an accident, a single car accident, that totaled our food truck, unfortunately as you can imagine feeding this many people four meals a day is a little stressful and without having a food truck it just adds that on,” said Shaun Gallant, Director of Programs for Vanguard Music and Performing Arts.

The team’s food truck — known as Miss Amana — served the group of for over 26 years. Now, the community is really stepping up.

“We try to help out as much as we can,” said Bob Mock, Owner of Marco’s Pizza in Woodway.

Marcos Pizza, along with Panera Bread, H-E-B and Newk’s Eatery donated food on Wednesday.

“We donated 40 extra large pizzas, to provide everybody with pizza, so we were told 200 people, so that’s again about two and a half slices per person,” said Mock.

And, it’s not only businesses stepping up.

“We decided it was time to step up and actually help the corps with some drinks and some food,” said Phil Kaster, whose grandson is in the Drum Corps. “Gatorade because they need to be hydrated properly because of this heat, and a little snacks to keep the salt up, level up too.”

“It’s really been great to see everyone, you know, coming together in support of us,” added Gallant.

Because giving them the energy they need to practice today, insures they will perform their best, during their largest competition to date in Houston.

“So they can continue to do what they do at such a high level,” said Gallant.

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