Central Texas mosque responds to mass shooting in New Zealand


Bill Al Saddiq says he’s still in shock after finding out members in a New Zealand mosque were attacked on Friday.

“It’s sheer terror. I can’t believe what I am witnessing in a public domain which is supposed to be a house of worship. It is awful,” Saddiq said.

“Women, children were massacred. There’s screaming and groaning,” Saddiq said. “If you’ve ever seen terror, I believe it is in that video.”

Saddiq says he’s unable to sleep knowing a crime was committed in a place of worship, much like his own.

“I believe this instance shows that terrorism has no religion, color, gender or creed,” Saddiq said. “It can be anybody and it can be anybody that is affected by it.”

He says the mass shooting was the main topic of discussion during Friday prayer at the Islamic center of Waco.

“We personally don’t believe in violence, we don’t condone any physical altercations but we have to protect ourselves and we have to be ready for that,” Saddiq said. “It’s probably time. We need to hire stringent security or have more security at the mosque. That’s just unfortunately the life and times that we live in.”

Saddiq says it’s the first step to protecting community members on a local scale.

“We are people, just like you,” Saddiq said. “We have the same hopes, ambitions and dreams for our lives, careers and children.”

Local members hoping for solidarity and healing around the world.

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