Central Texas Water Conservation Plan


With an increase in heat, comes an increase in water usage.

The China Spring area is no longer under a water conservation watch, but other cities are.

“We had concerns about keeping up and being able to recover storage fully to keep up in the future,” said Jonathan Echols, PR Coordinator for Waco Water Utility Services.

They allowed the area 48 hours to recover, and it worked.

“Yeah, it seems to have worked, we were able to recover substantially,” said Echols.

Even with the conservation request, the city of Waco saw it’s highest water usage ever on Saturday, with a whopping 50 million gallons, all in just one day.

“It’s been well above a hundred every day for the past week or so, so it’s not super surprising,” added Echols.

Meanwhile, Temple is now in Stage 2 of it’s conservation plan.

“The stage two trigger for the total daily water demand is when it exceeds 80 percent of the plant capacity for three executive days or more, and so we did reach that,” said Shannon Gowan, Director of Communications with the City of Temple.

That means residents can only water their lawns two days a week.

“So customers that have a street address ending in an even number, can water on Sundays or Thursdays and those with a street address ending in an odd number can water on Saturdays and Wednesdays,” said Gowan.

That’s only before 10am or after 8pm.

“Which really makes sense anyway, because when it’s 110 degrees and if you’re watering, the water is just barely even getting to the ground, most of it is evaporating,” said Echols.

“When we get down to the health and safety of our residents it really matters that everyone conserve and make sure that we do have water available for the health and safety of our community,” said Gowan.

Gatesville and Belton are both on Stage 1.

Killeen automatically entered Stage 1 on May 1st and will stay there until September 30th.

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