Central TX leaders react to March for Our Lives

MCLENNAN CO, TX - McLennan County leaders are speaking out after Saturday's March for Our Lives in downtown Waco. 

Almost 400 protesters demanded changes in gun laws. 

But the Chairs for the Democratic and Republican Parties can't seem to find a common ground.

Mary Duty, the Chair for the Democratic Party wants to ban military style weapons.

She says, "We are for sensible, common sense gun safety. Nobody says all guns but guns that are put together to kill people really should not be in the hands of civilians."

President Trump signed a ban on bum stocks into the law last week and put aside a portion of the $ 1.3 trillion of the spending bill to make schools safer. 

Duty believes anger drives mass shootings. 

She says, "We all feel alienated sometimes with what is going on in our society, our rhetoric here has not been the kind of coming together."

However, she is against arming teachers to protect students saying an officer at the school won't be able to deal with a shooter using a military style weapons. 

Duty says America needs to learn from Great Britain where there have been no mass shootings in schools thanks to their gun control laws since 1996. 

Duty is pleased with the turnout at the March for Our Lives and says she is already planning another event - a youth delegation from the March for our Lives group will be invited to attend the Texas Democratic Convention in Ft. Worth this summer. 

They will attend the Youth caucus and discuss the next steps in the gun safety debate.

Jon Ker, the Chair for the Republican Party also spoke with Fox 44 on Sunday but made it very clear all these opinions are his and that he is not speaking for this party on this matter. 

Ker says, "We need to have people who are trained and competent with weaponry. If someone is wanting to harm our children we make it known up front that they do so at their own peril."

Ker says the protesters have a right to protest and voice their opinions but they have it all wrong when demanding a gun control. 

Ker says, "A gun by itself has no feelings, opinions about anything, it is the person behind it."

He believes in focusing on our mental health system and stop making schools gun free zones. 

"If you have a crazy person wanting to kill someone the last place that they will want to go is somewhere where he can get killed in the process;" says, Ker. 

Ker is also a veteran, an attorney and a believer in Constitution and protection of the Second Amendment. 


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