Congressman: Budget should help military

WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Roger Williams whose district includes Fort Hood, Friday said the greatest threat to our national security is our out of control debt and the continuous borrowing of money to pay the nation's bills.

He said there comes a point where you just cannot borrow more than you spend thus sinking further and further in debt.

Regarding the Bipartisan Budget Act passed overnight that ended a very brief government shutdown, Congressman Williams offered the following statement.

“After many years of bad deals, and the Obama Administration’s attempt to put this problem on the backs of our military, we are now faced with an untenable situation with an unfortunate solution."

"I made a promise to our soldiers at Fort Hood, and around the globe, that I would fight for them, fight for better training, better equipment, and better infrastructure. While Democrats seek to prioritize the rights of illegal immigration and Planned Parenthood, I choose to keep my promise to our men and women in uniform."

"Our armed services are not immune from our debt problems, and they should not be asked to shoulder an enormous burden while lawmakers negotiate unrelated spending measures.”

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