Dinosaurs and sharks make their way to Belton

BELTON, TX - Dinosaurs and sharks are in Bell County this weekend. 

The annual "Discover the Dinosaur Time Trek" features family oriented hands on activities. 

The realistic looking dinosaurs and sharks will take you back in time, the organizers say. 

But they say their goal is to also educate and spark an interest in history.

For 13-year-old Anthony Mireles this was his first time seeing these attractions at the Bell County Expo Center Saturday. 

Mireles says, "I never thought I would see dinosaurs before but now I have cause they look so realistic." 

But what if these majestic creatures came to life?

He says, "I would probably just crawl up in the ball and that is the end cause they are so big compare to me."

Seven year old Ziarre Jackson wants to make studying dinosaurs her career. 

She says, "I found some cool fossils about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were born before humans and I want to learn more about dinosaurs so I can be a paleontologist when I grow up." 

Jack Utrata, the event's spokesperson says, "Every dinosaur exhibit has facts, locations and things that you may have found like bones and when dinosaurs were discovered or they were dug up. "

He says the goal is to inspire children to appreciate history. 

"Kids learn the best when they have fun. History is very important to us humans," says Utrata. 
And for those who've never seen a Great White Shark or his ancestors, here is your chance. 

You can still go and see the exhibits on Sunday from 9 till 5. 

The organizers offer discounts to seniors, first responders, military and large groups. 


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