East Waco heading toward big restoration projects

The 700 Block of Elm Avenue could see over $1 million in improvements

EAST WACO, TX - East Waco could be seeing over $1 million worth of improvements.

The city wants to yse tax payer dollars to fund revitalization projects on Elm Avenue.

"I anticipate five years from now that elm avenue could easily be as popular and as energized as what Austin avenue is today," said Tom Lupfer, General Contractor.

City staff and tax increment financing or "Tif" members visited the area before voting to approve nearly $900,000 in changes.

That tif money would join personal and city funding -- pushing the total over the million dollar mark.

The first project and also the most expensive would cost over $645,000.

It would provide an all new streetscape and concrete alley, as well as drainage and accessibility improvements.



The next project is a building restoration for the empty building at 720 Elm Street. costing nearly $93,000.

The 90 year old building would be restored to become a children's dance studio.

Lastly, the two buildings on 704 Elm Avenue, would also see new life.

"They are both going to develop simultaneously for desperate uses, hers would be a green grocery, this would be a lunch, breakfast, sand which type of restaurant," said Lupfer.

Revival Eastside Eatery would cost tif over $111,000 for restoration.

"In the end, you're going to have a very inviting, safe environment for people to come and visit and travel and see what elm avenue has to offer to the citizens, not only in the city of Waco, but people who are coming to Waco to visit," said Jim Reed with Project Works with City of Waco.

City council will likely vote on the projects during their next meeting on Tuesday, June 19th.

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