Estela Fajardo’s criminal trial continues


The woman fighting for her own freedom, Estela Fajardo, took the stand on Thursday afternoon. 

Fajardo pleaded not guilty to theft after detectives discovered stolen goods in her Robinson home in 2016.

Retired Waco Police Detective Sherry Kingrey took the stand on Thursday saying Fajardo told her that she knew the items found in her home were stolen, but Fajardo says this is not true.

Kingrey was the lead detective in a string of burglaries in Waco in late 2015 into early 2016.

She testified about arresting Jatramaine King and another man, Laderron Henry. She says King and Henry broke into homes, stole property and sold the items to Fajardo.

Kingrey told the jury that cell phone records show Fajardo called Henry’s cell seven times and King 12 times during the crime spree. 

She says Fajardo would ask the two men to get items including electronics, purses, and “good jewelry”.

After arresting King and Henry, she got a search warrant for Fajarado’s home, where she supposedly found an “astronomical amount” of stolen goods all over the house including firearms, TVs, and jewelry.

Kingrey also said Fajardo confessed that she knew the items in her house were stolen. 

After the prosecution rested, Fajardo took the stand. She testified she never told Kingrey that the items in her house were stolen.

She admitted buying TV’s from Henry and King, but says she didn’t even know their name or couldn’t even recognize them if she saw them. 

Fajardo also said she only bought items from Henry and King once, not multiple times. 

Fajardo says the detectives were harassing her and that she never refused to speak to the police.

She says the stolen items found in her house are items she bought from flea markets or items she bought. 

The trial will continue Friday morning at 9:30am. 

For information about day one of the trial, click here.

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