Extreme heat affecting energy bills


Record-breaking temperatures have some homeowners fearing record-breaking energy bills.

Oncor says there are a few things to help keep the bill down:

– Keep your A/C higher than usual during 3:00 – 7:00 p.m.
– Use your microwave instead of a stove
– Turn off any lights when not in use
– Unplug any devices not in use

“We like to call those ‘energy vampires’ or ‘power zombies.’ I know it sounds a bit Halloween-ish, but those devices generally draw out a lot of power that you’re not thinking about. So when you leave that computer cord plugged in or that cell phone plugged in, generally they will continue to be drawing in power,” says Oncor spokesperson Andy Rittler.

Experts also suggest putting any outdoor lighting on timers so they only come on after dark and before sunrise.

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