Family: Doctors have pronounced toddler dead

20-month-old Mira Grace McCollum fell in family pool Monday evening

HEWITT, TX - UPDATE:  The McCollum family informed FOX44 News that doctors pronounced Mira Grace McCollum dead at 10am Thursday morning.  Our thoughts are with the family.

Previous Report: 

Operator: "911 whats your emergency?"
Parent: "I need an ambulance, my baby fell in the pool and isn't breathing."

That was the 911 call a desperate Hewitt mother, Sasha McCollum made to police after her 20 month old daughter, Mira Grace McCollum fell into a pool Monday evening.

According to the Texas Department of Family Protective Services, this year Texas has already seen 22 child drownings.

Sasha says if the child's condition doesn't improve, they are going to remove her from life support on Thursday, so she can pass away peacefully.

This whole ordeal is a parent's worst nightmare.

Monday evening, the family of six raced against time to save Mira Grace.

"We got a call of a toddler that fell into the pool and it was just basically a 911 emergency call, trying to you know, save the child," said Tuck Saunders, Assistant Chief for the Hewitt Police Department.

Mira is currently in a vegetative state with no chance of recovery.

According to the CDC, there are on average 10 unintentional drownings in the U.S. every day.

"Always be aware of the surroundings, be aware of what's going on and do your best to take care of the kids, I mean, just be vigilant," said Officer Saunders.

Police say there are plenty of ways to keep your children safe.

"Alarm notifications on your doors, one of the most important things is learn CPR and rescue breathing, just in case you can't get the rescue people that quick," said Officer Saunders.

The sooner your child knows how to swim, the better.

"We start them early as six months with out parent child class, all the way up to 12 years of age," said Evan Bates, Aquatics Director at Waco Family YMCA.

Bates says it doesn't take much for a child to drown.

"Anything that could cover your face could potentially cause a water related emergency," he added.

He says, it's key to know where your children are at all times.

"Even when you just step away to go take somebody else to the restroom or go inside to take a drink of water, you want them to go ahead and come with you," said Bates.

The parents say if there are no changes to Mira's condition, they are planning a funeral next week at Waco Baptist Church.

They have set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for hospital and funeral arrangements, or donations can also be made at the church.

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