Family of murdered woman wants burial in Waco

WACO, TX - Waco woman mourns her cousin after her boyfriend allegedly fatally shot her in North Carolina on Thursday. 

The family says 30 -year -old Dena Luedke was a devoted mother of three and planning to move back to Waco.

Victoria Salazar, the victim's cousin tells us that Luedke's mother and sister are now trying to bring her body home for a burial.

She says the family members are now relying on each other and on their faith in God. 

But, they want justice and the best for three children, who just lost their mother.

Salazar says, "I know she has gone to a better place, we just have to get her here and be there for her children." 

She says Luedke's boyfriend fatally shot her during a domestic dispute in Cameron, North Carolina. 

Salazar says, "He took her life away from her, her kids you know, she was still young, she had her whole life ahead of her to live, he took that from her." 

30-year -old mother of three grew up in Waco, then moved to east coast. 

Salazar explains Luedke's family is in pain now, but is also very angry. 

She says, "We gonna seek justice for her because it should not have gone down that way, she deserved to still live, we gonna seek justice to the end." 

Salazar's heart is broken for Luedke's two daughters and a son. 

She says, "I can only imagine what they are going through, them losing their mom and not be able to see her ever again. We wish that they grow up and still remember her as who she was - a very good mom to them."

Fox 44 also reached out to the Harnett County Sheriff's Department, but have not gotten a response back. 
Luedke's family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with the funeral expenses. 
If you wish to help, click here. 



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