Forgery charges pile up for Waco man

FRANKLIN, JOHN_1551900364058.JPG.jpg

As an investigation into forged checks totalling in the thousands of dollar continues,  more charges are piling up for a Waco man.

John Louis Franklin was originally arrested back on January 18 when police were called to the Extraco Bank at 605 University Parks Drive.

Police were called to that location as he attempted to cash two checks in the three and four thousand dollar range.

Security held him at the bank until police arrived.

The charges in that one indicate the victim may have been an elderly individual.

Waco Police Department spokesman Patrick Swanton said that as the investigation into his activities continued,  it became obvious that this was not the first time he had cashed forged checks.

Swanton said it was not known exactly how many times he might have successfully cashed checks,  but police have developed at least two more cases against him,  with Franklin being served with the new charges as he remained in jail from the January arrest.

Swanton said there appeared to have been several instances of forged checks,  all in the three and four thousand dollar range

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