Fort Hood Garrison unit cutting more than 20 jobs by end of September

FORT HOOD, TX - Nearly 30 Fort Hood civilian employees are left looking for work.  The Garrison unit commander announced the post is cutting dozens of positions. 

Col. Hank Perry met with hundreds of civilian employees Thursday. 

"It's probably one of the hardest discussion to have with your employees," Perry said. 

Twenty-nine people in the Garrison unit will be losing their jobs by the end of September. The plan started in 2016 when the unit was authorized to have less than 1200 employees by the start of the 2019 fiscal year. 

"We're currently faced with a reduction down to 1108. We've had a series of efforts to reduce that number," Perry said. 

Some of the employees will have the chance to fill in vacant positions within the Garrison unit, but others will have to find work elsewhere. It's a decision that will hit the department hard.

"It's one that I think requires transparency, requires for us to ensure at all cost that our employees know that the process is going to be protected," Perry said. 

In a series of town hall meetings Thursday - civilians had the chance to get all the information they need. Unit leaders helped sign employees with organizations that could help them find work. 

"We do everything to be transparent, to let our employees know that we're trying to provide options for them," Perry said. 

Fort hood's Garrison unit wasn't the only place affected. It's one of six installations being forced to lay off workers to meet manpower requirements. 

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