Franklin Drive Thru Safari seeks donations for repairs


The Frankling Drive Thru Safari continues to pick up the pieces after the EF-3 tornado touchdown plowed right through the property.

All the animals are safe and accounted for, but it’s the back area of the safari that received the most damage.

The feed barn, trailers and cars used by the family-owned safari are all gone.

Workers said they had about an hour warning Saturday morning before the tornado hit.

During that time they were able to secure the animals.

“We got to build barns for shelter for animals, the feed room was taken out and that’s where we stored all the excess feed, we’re going to go ahead and try to get a new barn up, we have to get some repairs done on the fences, new welders, new everything. A lot of that stuff was back in the field where we keep a lot of animls off site and it was just pretty much demolished back there, it’s a war zone,” said Chris Soles, manager at Franklin Drive Thru Safari.

Workers say it could take half a year before everything is rebuilt.

Donations are still needed, click HERE to visit their GoFundMe page.

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