Franklin, TX man lucky to be alive after tornado flips his home


The City of Franklin is cleaning up the pieces from an EF-3 tornado that touched down Saturday morning.

Authorities say 55 homes, two churches, four businesses and a set of duplexes are completely destroyed.

One man is lucky to be alive after his home flipped during the storm.

“They just struggled so hard just to have this, and now they are starting from nothing,” said Patricia Schulz, mother of homeowner.

This is what’s left of a young couple’s home, after the tornado flipped it on top of another house.

“She called me and she was just crying and I could hardly understand what she said and she said there was a tornado and Joel’s trapped in the house,” said Schulz.

Not only was Joel trapped in the house, he was inside when it flipped.

“Well I blacked out for most of it but what I do remember is flying around my room under my bed which hit me in the face very hard, I had to get four stitches and apart from that I was left with nothing but bruising, it was a miracle,” said Joel Phillips, trapper in home during tornado.

A terrifying moment he’ll likely never forget.

“I had an alert on my phone and it woke me up and my aunt immediately called me and told me to get under my bed and that’s when I did,” said Phillips.

Luckily his girlfriend wasn’t home at the time.

“She was at work, she wasn’t even supposed to be at work that day but she ended up going in and I’m so thankful that she did,” said Phillips.

Monday, as they picked up the pieces to try and salvage anything they can, strangers lend a helping hand.

“It’s the right thing to do, God has blessed me and if I’m able then I need to help bless other people,” said Krissi Butler, who helped out the family.

“So many helpful people, so many generous people have come and help us, I have no words to describe how thankful I am for this community, I can’t thank them enough,” said Phillips.

Because after a devastation hits, a community like Franklin truly shows what it’s made of.

“Franklin’s got a big heart, it’s always had a big heart, and I think I will live no where else, these are great people here in this town and I knew they had a big heart and it’s showing, it’s a great town,” said Schulz.

The owners say the total loss is likely $50,000.

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