Fundraiser set up to help family after house fire

LORENA, TX - The Lorena community is stepping up to help a family who lost everything in a house fire on Monday. 

Family friend Brandi Fagner set up a fundraiser online, and thousands have already poured in.

Kacie Pledger, the daughter of homeowners Judy and Hervey Pledger, tells FOX44 these are hard times for their family. But she has faith this fundraiser will help them get back on their feet.  

"I love them more than anyone will ever know. This means a world to us. It just shows how important you are to your community," Kacie says.

The Pledgers have lived in the house for 40 years. Kacie's heart is filled with gratitude as money to help her parents pours in.

"Every dollar is important when you've lost everything you own," says family friend Felipe Reyna. "Lorena is a very close-knit community. When something like this happens in Lorena, we all come together. As you can see."

For now, the Pledgers are living with Kacie.  People can donate basic needs items at either the Lorena Police Department or at the Lorena Independent School District. The family relies on their faith to get through this hardship. 

"I believe if you believe in God that He will get you through anything," says Kacie. "Through the hard times or the easy times. Thank you for all the prayers and to everyone that has reached out to us." 

Fagner says while the family members appreciate all donations, they mostly need money or gift cards. 

If you wish to donate, you can click here to check out the fundraiser. To read the original story about the fire, you can click here. 

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