Hewitt Council member resigns

Krakowian faces discrimination allegations

HEWITT, TX - Hewitt City Council member Kurt Krakowian resigned Friday morning after just five months in office.

This comes after two city employees filed complaints with the city and the state against Krakowian and Mayor Ed Passalugo over the last few months.  Katie Allgood and Cassie Muske accuse the men of discrimination and harassment.

Hewitt Mayor Pro Tem Steve Fortenberry called for Krakowian and Passalugo to resign during a meeting on July 2nd.

Below is a copy of Krakowian's resignation letter: 

I have been honored to serve the great people of Hewitt for the past 5 months. When starting out I wanted to be the voice of the people, ask questions and do what’s right for the Hewitt citizens. I found out very quickly what would happen when I did. I and my wife were dragged through the media mud, more myself because I was standing up for the citizens.  The latest would have happened again during the Hewitt City Council meeting this coming Monday with another frivolous complaint being filed. The official misconduct was me sending one of my male Facebook friends which also works for the City of Hewitt this message. “Roger, Thank you for your hard work for the city of Hewitt. I will fight for Hewitt staff as yourself along with many other employees to increase your pay. Don’t always listen to everything you hear. I want to take care of the working bees what are the backbone of the City. Have a happy 4th of July.  Kurt Krakowian Hewitt City Councilman At-Large”. I sent this because I was told by city staff that the moral was low and wanted to encourage that I was fighting for the ones that work hard every day and deserve a raise. I like to thank all the city employees for what you do for the Hewitt citizen’s every day to make our community one of the best to live in.

I would also like to apologize to Katie Allgood and Cassie Muske if I did anything to them. Both ladies are very smart and I wish them well in their careers.

For the best interest for the City of Hewitt I am officially at noon today, July 13, 2018 resigning as the Hewitt City Councilman, At-Large seat. I wish the Mayor, my fellow councilmen and city staff the very best.


Kurt F. Krakowian

Hewitt Councilman At-Large

Here is a link to our previous story on the allegations. 

The allegations against Mayor Passalugo include his sending email with a lewd cartoon about female genitalia. You can read our report on that here.

Fox 44 News will have more on these developments on FOX44 News @ 5:30pm.

We have tried to talk to the mayor, Krakowian, the city manager and the mayor pro tem but unsuccessfully. 

The city manager Adam Miles however did say he will be willing to talk about this after Monday's city council meeting. 

With Krakowian now gone, all eyes turn to the mayor who faces similar scrutiny. 

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Fortenberry has asked for the mayor's and Krakowian's resignation before. 

The attorney for the two women - Ryan Johnson with Johnson Hobbs Squires told Fox 44 via an email that he applauds Krakowian for his resignation and his apology to his clients, but calls his actions "blatant refusal to accept his responsibility."

The attorney suggests a woman to replace Krakowian. 

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