Hewitt recycling list could get shorter

HEWITT, Texas - The list of things you can recycle in Hewitt may get shorter. 

"I like recycling. It helps the economy," says Hewitt resident Paul Henry. 

Henry recycles every change he gets. 

"You know cardboard, magazines, catalogs, phone books, you know stuff like that. But I always recycle," said Henry. 

But he shares a concern many have expressed on social media. 

The recyclable items list is short, leaving the unacceptable items list longer. 

"It does concern me, you know, but I don't know who makes the decisions," said Henry. 

This decision is made at recycling companies like Sunbright Recycling, where the products get processed and sold. 

"Recycling is expensive. It's not free," said Sunbright Sales Rep Karla White. 

White says the market is not good right now. 

China is the #1 importer of recycled plastics, and they aren't buying. 

"At this point, that means the mill will not take the material from the recyclers from around the United States," said White. 

Bradley Turner, an instructor of Environmental Science, says this means things like plastic bags have no place in a recycling bin. 

"They are so light, it would take a tremendous amount of them to even justify putting them in a bail and shipping them to someone else who can make stuff out of them," said Turner. 

But all hope is not lost. 

"There are companies now that are coming up with pelletizing plastic and grinding it. Some companies already grind it. It's expensive to grind it, and China is saying that will take some of that eventually," said White. 

If you would like to learn more about recyclable items and things that could get taken off the list, Hewitt leaders are planning to discuss this on Earth Day, April 21st at Hewitt Park. 

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