How to outsmart porch pirates


Cyber Monday was one of the biggest online shopping days this year. With packages arriving at people’s doorsteps this week, police say this is the perfect time for thieves to take advantage.

November 28 has been dubbed National Package Prevention Day, as more packages are stolen around this time.

Porch pirates strike by looking out for delivery trucks as they roll into neighborhoods, follow them as drivers carry out their work and then swipe unattended packages.

“Any opportunity that a thief has to get an easy haul, they’re going to do it,” says Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton.

Local police are warning the public to be especially vigilant in the run-up to Christmas.

“Obviously after Cyber Monday, people are expecting packages. We even see, in the past, where is that thieves have followed the delivery trucks around,” Swanton says.

Police say there’s a few things you can do to outsmart those thieves.

“Try to have your packages delivered when you know you’re going to be home. If you’re not going to be there, have them delivered to a neighbors house,” Swanton says.

Swanton also suggests having a good relationship with your local delivery drivers.

FedEx drivers also say don’t forget to leave instructions for them on where to put your packages. This way, they can help to prevent your gifts from being stolen.

“Where they want it, how they want it. If not, they can also go pick it up at the warehouse,” says FedEx delivery driver Erin.

And in the event you become a victim this holiday season, technology can be your best friend.

“I can look at our Facebook page and see where we’re posting, our citizens home videos, if you will, of thieves doing things. And it helps us capture them,” Swanton says.

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