How Waco ISD handles bullying

WACO, Texas - After FOX44's recent story regarding Ajoyia Moore, a lot of parents are speaking out about what they say is a constant problem within the Waco Independent School District.

However, school officials tell us there are things they have in place to directly address bullying - and they hope this will answer any questions parents have.

"We ended up calling the EMT's, and that's when we had got it out of her that she had taken medication," said London Moore, mother of ten-year-old Ajoyia Moore.

This once happy and joyful ten-year-old girl now lies in a hospital bed recovering after her mother says
she swallowed 30 pills, all because she was being bullied. 

Now local parents are speaking out and wanting answers.

"You do feel helpless because you want to fix it and only have so many different ways to fix it. So seems as a partner in that process," says Waco ISD Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Dr. Robin McDurham.

Dr. McDurham wants to help address those concerns, "They want to know what happened to the kid who is being accused of bullying, and by law Waco ISD and all schools in the state are not allowed to share specific consequences that were given to individual students. But what we can do is say the issue was addressed, and then we can speak specifically to what interventions were done for the alleged victim."

She also says keep advocating for your child by using resources other than speaking to the school.

"It's on our district website that has Waco ISD alerts, and then there's a red button that says 'Report Bullying.'" Once they click on this, there's a button for each campus," McDurham said.

The school also complies with David's Law for bullying off campus and cyber-bullying, but parents still ask, "Will this make a difference?"

"We're in this together. We don't want a parent to ever feel like they are not doing enough, " says McDurham.

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