Hundreds show up to March For Our Lives including counter protesters

WACO, Texas - Hundreds of people showed up for the March For Our Lives at Heritage Square in Waco Saturday afternoon. 

The student led movement focused on gun laws, asking law makers to make them stricter. 

The march started with students calling the names of the 17 victims of the Parkland Florida school shooting, then having a moment of silence. 

Speakers that included a Columbine High School survivor steered the crowd offering solutions like banning bump stocks and assault rifles. 

About 50 Counter protesters stood off to the side of the March For Our Lives group holding up signs supporting gun rights and suggesting solutions like banning gun free zones and arming teachers. 

"You can counter protest facts, but you can not raise children from the dead," said a speaker at the march to the crowd of counter protesters. 

Many of the organizers wore orange t-shirts with the hashtag "Enough" saying school shootings are not acceptable. 

"We've had enough fo the gun violence and the death, it's time to do some change, it's time to do things right," said Jeffrey Clendennen, one of the organizers of Waco's March For Our Lives. 

As protesters marched and chanted around the Waco Civic Center and back to Heritage Square, some counter protesters joined them. 

"We have a message that's slightly different than theirs when it comes to how to protect kids, so we are just voicing our opinions as well," said a counter protester. 

A makeshift memorial with shoes, tedding bears and flowers was set up at Heritage Square for the 17 Parkland, Florida shooting victims.

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