Infant hospitalized after being shot by four year old sibling

TEMPLE, Texas - UPDATE Friday, 10am:  Temple police say the 7-month-old victim is listed in serious condition at McLane's Children's Hospital in Temple.  The 4-year-old is in the care of CPS.

Original report:

A seven-month-old child is recovering from a gunshot wound.

The incident happened at 2:30 PM at 306 South 25th Street in Temple on Thursday. According to investigators, the infant's four-year-old brother accidentally shot him.

"One of the officers, he came out, and he had the baby in front of him. It wasn't moving at the time," says Bradley Martin, who witnessed EMS taking the infant from the home. He works at Smith's Family Automotive, right across the street.

"It was wearing a diaper, I mean, it wasn't moving at all. You could see blood, or the color of blood, on its neck and side and stuff," Martin said.

Martin only saw the aftermath. Temple Police and Crime Scene Investigators are trying to piece together how a four-year-old boy shot his seven-month-old sibling.

"The child was transported to McLane Children's Hospital, where he or she is listed in stable condition," said Shawana Neely, of Temple Police.

A family member tells FOX44 News the baby should be okay, but police still say the baby's condition is unknown. Authorities say the mother, made the 911 call.

"She was the only adult at the house at the time," said Neely.

Before the incident, Bradly says all seemed well.

"I guess the mother was out here. She was mowing the front yard. The little four-year-old was running circles around the lawn mower, just out here playing, smile, laughing, having a good time. I mean, he played outside all morning," Bradly says.

Now his little brother or sister remains hospitalized with unknown injuries. A hard lesson Bradly says, when it come to keeping guns in the home.

"My heart goes out the the family. Lock up your guns and watch your kids. I mean, I don't want to be ugly and I know they are going through a lot, but this should have never happened," Bradly says.

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