IRS gives taxpayers one more day to pay and file


Taxpayers got one extra day to get their 2017 taxes filed and paid.

The due date was Tuesday, April 17th, but the IRS struggled with numerous technical issues, as the service taxpayers use to file online was partly down for several hours. As a result, the IRS gave taxpayers until Wednesday, April 18th at midnight to file and pay.

“The IRS said that they had some serious issues with the transmissions of Americans’ tax returns through services like Turbotax and H & R Block,” said Adam Price, Regional Director with BBB.

The acting IRS commissioner blamed the problem on the “transmission” of tax returns from software providers like H&R Block and Turbo Tax.

“Yeah I noticed it when I was trying to get one of my returns through and it was just being a little bit slow,” said Ivan Esteves, Officer Manager at H&R Block in Waco.

Tax day is one of the busiest days of the year to file, and with so many people using the system, experts aren’t surprised it crashed.

“A lot of Americans wait to the last minute to file their taxes and that’s not uncommon to have a computer system that crashes or has hiccups because of over-usage,” said Price.

Belton resident Tim Blackmon usually waits until the last minute to file his return, this year he filed on Monday before the crash.

“For about the last 10 years, it’s usually been about the last second,” said Blackmon.

He says the extra day will help many.

“I think it’s good because there’s some people who really need it,” added Blackmon.

Taxpayers could also use Wednesday to apply for a six month extension.

“Anybody, especially people that owe should make sure to apply for the extension,” said Esteves.

To avoid penalties, those who owe money had until end of day Wednesday to pay at least 90 percent of their tax liability.

“The kicker here is that if you owe money, you still have to pay by midnight tonight, so you might not have to do all the paperwork involved but if you owe taxes and you know that, then you need to go ahead and make arrangements,” said Price.

The 2018 tax season will be a little different because back in December, President Donald Trump passed the largest overhaul to the tax code in three decades. 

You can click HERE to check if the new law will alter you’re 2018 tax returns.

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