Killeen airport's master plan to save and gain customers

KILLEEN, Texas - The Killeen Regional Airport is looking to fill the void after Delta Airlines took their last flight a week ago, but before they can bring a new airline they have to win back customers. 

Killeen Regional Airport has what they call a "master plan", and right now their timeline is pretty broad. Big changes could happen as soon as this year or 20 years from now. 

Aviation administrators call it a "roadmap" to the future. 

"What we would like to do is attract more destinations," says Executive Director of Aviation Matthew Van Valkenburgh. "We would like to look at what we are going to be doing with our maintenance plans. We want to look at new business models to try and draw up additional business on the airport." 

Ideas for the master plan started back in 2016 before the airport knew Delta would want out - leaving people like Matthew Cantu, a former supervisor with Delta Global Services, without a job. 

"The real issue is now that the contract is over, where is it that we go from here?," asked Cantu. 

With some people without a job, and customers without Delta flights, the airport wants to make moves soon - calling on American Airlines and United to step up. 

"They are working with us to see what they can do in the future, to both add to what we call capacity. Which is more flights. And ultimately if we have that capacity, we can fill more airplanes," Valkenburgh said. 

Meaning more destinations that could draw in other airlines and maybe more jobs for people like Cantu, who couldn't leave Killeen to relocate with Delta. 

"It can be real hard, and you know, for some people it wasn't in the cards," Cantu said. 

Click here for a look at the plans, and for the time and location of the next public meeting.

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