Killeen Parents Want School Zones After Girl Hit by Car

KILLEEN, TX - Killeen parents want school zone signs installed where an 11-year-old girl was hit by a car on Tuesday.

The child was hospitalized after being struck while crossing the intersection of Wheeler Avenue and Old FM-440.

School officials say the Pershing Park Elementary student is doing well, but still some parents are on alert. 

A lot of Pershing Park Elementary students walk home along the intersection where the 11-year-old girl was hit. 

Tianna Okelley would rather pick up her seven-year-old daughter from Pershing Park Elementary school. She feels surrounding streets are too dangerous for her to cross. 

"Just because people are... just inattentive driving. On the phone, who knows doing what," Okelley said. 

The speed limit drops to 20 miles per hour on Bonnie Drive before and after school. Yet one road over on Old FM-440, the speed limit remains at 30 miles per hour. 

"There's no school signs. They speed through the school zone even," Okelley said. 

The City of Killeen follows national standards when it comes to school zones. They are only required to change the speed limit on streets surrounding the campus and extend about two blocks away unless the school district asks for a change. 

While city officials say the two-way road is meant for heavy traffic, Killeen Police say there have been no incidents on Old FM-440 in the past two years.

Still, Okelley wants school zones installed here. 

"My mom definitely made sure that I was safe. It's our job as parents to make sure our kids go to school, have somewhere safe to go, and come home safe," OKelley said. 

FOX44 took parents' concerns to the school district, but school officials said they didn't have time to talk about the issue until this Thursday.

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