Lacy Lakeview officer kicked in face, man charged

LACY LAKEVIEW, TX - A Lacy Lakeview police officer is kicked in the face by a man high on drugs on Tuesday morning.

Police say Sergeant Amanda Leka and three other officers were taking a man to the hospital who appeared to be having a psychotic episode. The man kicked Leka in the face.

Doctors treated her and sent her home to recover.

The suspect has been identified as 48-year-old Michael Darr, who tested positive for meth and other substances. He is now in jail on an assault of a public servant charge.

This was a scary situation where these deputies had to be ready for anything. This incident has also received a lot of attention on social media.

"I reached down to restrain him and it was just the wrong time, wrong spot and he reared back and kicked me full force in the face. Caught my nose and my mouth," Leka says.

Leka says she is still swollen and sore.

"Needless to say, it wasn't a good ending for me," she says.

According to Leka, she says she brushed off her injuries and kept going after the assault.

"So I washed my face off real quick, and I also didn't want him to know that he got the best of me," she said.

The police sergent remembered her training to try to protect herself, her officers and the community.

"Somebody is very strong when they're in that state, and we don't want to hurt them. So, what I do is normally come into the situation and I will let them talk. I will assess the situation, and then I will try to talk them down," Leka says.

Darr tested positive for methamphetamine and opioids while he was hospitalized. He is now in jail on a $5,000 dollar bond.

Leka is just thankful for the nurses who took care of her, and the hundreds of Facebook comments praying for her recovery.

"If it wasn't for them and the doctor, [I would] probably look a lot worse than I look right now. So they all reached out, and they've all been great," Leka says.

Original story:

48-year-old Michael Darr of Lacy Lakeview is being held in the McLennan County Jail on charges of assault on a public servant. He is accused of kicking a female officer in the face.

The incident actually occurred at Providence Health Center where Darr had been taken for evaluation following a call early Tuesday morning in Lacy Lakeview.

The officer had accompanied emergency medical service personnel to the hospital where Darr had been taken following an incident at a home in the 100 block of Oak Street.

Police had been called there to assist East Texas Medical Center personnel on a call about a man having a suspected psychotic episode.

The man had been out after midnight trying to dig under a house with a shovel and talking incoherently.

It took four people to get him restrained and into an ambulance after he had become combative

At the hospital,  he still fought with five people trying to get inside and kicked Officer Amanda Leka in the face, resulting in her going to the hospital for treatment of injuries.

Lacy Lakeview Police Chief John Truehitt says blood tests on Darr showed a presence of methamphetamine and opioids.

After he was medically cleared, Darr was transported to the McLennan County Jail.

Leka received medical treatment at the hospital, and was released on Wednesday morning. She received a lot of pain, bruising, and discoloration but made a full recovery and return to duty, according to the Lacy Lakeview Police Department.

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