Letter writing campaign to help separated families at the border

WACO, Texas -  

      Members of the Waco community say they're happy about the President's new executive order, but they want long-term solutions for the children who have already been separated from their families. 

On Wednesday, dozens attended a letter writing campaign dinner at Lake Shore Baptist Church,
where each person will write to their local, federal and state representatives.
"Getting people together, for a common cause, hoping to make some small dent in this enormous  problem," said Waco community member Steve Gardner.

They're goal- to push officials will extend there political power in helping these families after they cross the border.
"What we want to advocate for is that, at the very most basic level, can we at least be compassionate towards these immigrants who are coming to our country" said Lake Shore Baptist Church Children's Minister Claire Helton.

Organizers say today's executive order to stop the separation of families is a step in the right direction,
but not a solution.
"But the Presidents executive order today really didn't address the underlying causes and there's the question of whether the President's order can even hold up in the courts," said Gardner.

Community member Dr. Louise Powell says, " I have three children and seven grandchildren and I just cannot imagine the pain of the mothers and fathers having their children torn out of their arms."

So they write- mothers, grandmothers, fathers and their children, all hoping tonights efforts will make a difference.
"When that decision was made earlier today they are still a lot of work to be done," said Helton

Sharlande Sledge, the Associate Pastor of Lake Shores baptist Church says,
"Each child is a child of god, each child is made in gods image no matter where they come from."

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