Limestone County judge resigning after DWI arrest


Limestone County will soon need a new county judge.

Tuesday the County Commissioners accepted Judge Daniel Burkeen’s resignation.

The resignation comes after his arrest in McLennan County a year ago for drunk driving.

The judge told Fox 44 that although he regrets making this horrible mistake, this whole experience has strengthened his relationship with God.

Burkeen says, “God said we’ll heal you from that but you are going to be humbled and go through some experience, which I deserved.”

He credits his DWI arrest last April and his resignation for the improvement of his health. 

He says, “I have asthma that’s induced by stress and allergies and it is worse at this time of year and before the DWI it was chronic.” 

His resignation is effective May 31. 

He says, “I am not the first one to make that mistake and that’s not an excuse it was totally my fault.”

While the judge who has served for 12 years regrets drinking and driving he believes it is all part of God’s plan. 

“This whole experience has brought me closer to God. It has made me see some things about myself, weaknesses that I needed to acknowledge,” says Burkeen.  

In October some County Commissioners and private citizens filed a petition to remove Burkeen claiming they’ve seen him intoxicated while on the job.

However, he says those claims are nothing but malicious gossip. 

Burkeen says he has had breathing problems and dry mouth that could explain the slurred speech or appearing sleepy. 

Frank Salvato of Groesbeck has known the judge for years. 

He says, “He is a very nice guy, he answered to every problem I had, I’ve talked to him about things before I had problems with, I am very upset see him go.”

Burkeen will serve till the end of May when voters will decide on a new county judge.

The judge says in the upcoming weeks he’ll only do administrative work. 
And when he leaves he’s planning to get back to practicing the law and focusing on his family. 

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