Machines, cash seized in Marlin gambling raid


About $15,000 in cash, a building, a car and 9 gambling machines were seized Thursday afternoon in a raid conducted by Marlin police.

Interim Police Chief Nathan Sodek said he and Precinct 1 Constable Jonathan Shoemaker served a search warrant for gambling and promotion of gambling at the Qwik Stop convenience store at 303 Bridge Street in Marlin about 4:00 p.m. Thursday following an undercover investigation of suspected gambling operations.

A statement issued by Chief Sodek said that his department along with the Falls Count District Attorney’s Office had been conducting the investigation for about a year after getting multiple complaints.

During the investigation, an undercover officer was able to gain access to the gambling machines located in a hidden room in the back of the building.

The undercover officer gambled on the machine, and once he received a larger credit than what he put into the machine, he advised the Qwik Stop employees that he wanted to cash out.

The Qwik Stop employees paid the undercover officer in cash from the credit that he had won from the machine.

No one will be allowed in the building until the investigation is complete.

Officers also reported recovering suspected drug paraphernalia inside the store.

Police arrested Gagndeep Kaur who was taken to the Falls County Jail charged with promotion of gambling.

As the investigation continued, an immigration hold also was placed on her in connection with other suspected illegal activities.

Police also report having multiple arrest warrants in hand for others believed involved in the operation with other arrests believed imminent.  

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