Marijuana found under child car seat

ROBINSON, TX - A 38-year-old Waco woman was taken to jail Tuesday after a Robinson police officer found marijuana, a grinder with marijuana residue, a glass pipe and a bag of marijuana under the car seat of a four year old child that was riding in her vehicle.

Amanda Marie Griffin was charged with possession of marijuana, driving while license suspended and endangering a child.

Robinson Police Chief Phillip Prasifka says it was 6:11 p.m. Tuesday when a Robinson police officer stopped her white Nissan Pathfinder in the 100 block of Brentwood for having an expired motor vehicle registration and no front license plate.

The officer notice there was a four-year-old male child in a car seat and also noticed a smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

A search of the car was conducted and the items were found under the car seat with the marijuana and paraphernalia immediately accessible to the child.

It was also determined during the stop that Griffin's driver's license was invalid.

Griffin was arrested and taken to jail and the child was released to his parents.

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