Marlin leaders vote to terminate city manager contract


Tamara Quinn has made marlin home her entire life. As a homeowner, she agrees with the city’s decision to terminate city manager Alan Grindstaff.

“I’m really hoping and praying that the new city manager can make things great in Marlin,” Quinn said.

“Honestly, I was just so happy because we need to have somebody that we can honestly and truly understand what we are going through.”

Quinn says she has attended a few city council meetings to find that residents had the same concerns– roads and water. At times she was hoping the city manager could find a solution to the big problems.

“I mean we have to creep through marlin, instead of just driving through at regular speed, we have to creep through and I don’t understand it,” Quinn said.

Quinn and her neighbors say they called to complain about the issues at least ten times. Especially when it comes to the water coming from her home.

“It will go out and then when it comes back on, it is brown in color,” Quinn said. “You don’t even want to take a bath, clean or cook with the water.”

Quinn is hoping for a new city manager willing to take the seat and tackle the city’s challenges.

“I know Marlin is small but we have to all stick together,” Quinn said.

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