McLennan County Republican members host debate watch party

WACO, Texas - The McLennan County Republican Party held a watch party to hear what incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz had to say. 

Supporters were most excited about his stance on harder immigration and his push to keep unemployment numbers low. 

"We do this all the time when there's a debate or something," chairman Jon Ker said. "So we have everybody together and can watch it at one time and enjoy each other's company."

Dozens of Cruz supporters filled the seats at the McLennan County Republican headquarters to listen to the first senate debate.

"Their differences in their view of America, their view of our constitution, their view of our national sovereignty are so far apart," Ker said.

Republicans at the watch party already stand with his view on the state's unemployment rates.

"If you have a good job and you are making a living to provide for your family," Ker said. "This country is moving in the right direction and he is firmly behind that and I expect that you will hear that come through loud and clear."

Others stand with his ideas on stricter immigration policies.

"You don't just walk into their country and why in the world it's this way in Texas is beyond me. Or the whole border. Whether it's California, New Mexico or along there," supporter Janell Gilman said.

Overall supporters believe Cruz sticks to Christian and Texas values.

"Cruz has just stood for families and for Texas," Gilman said.

"His dad is a former pastor, a staunch Christian. Cruz is a staunch Christian and it's that Christian traditional values that our nation was built upon," Ker said. "He will promote that and I'm all for it too."

Supporters hoping he's their man come November.

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