Check your vehicle during cold weather

WACO, Texas - Whether you have a new car or an old car, it doesn't matter, mechanics say now is the best time to get it checked out, especially after the drastic weather change this week. 

Driving through the winter season could mean you are spending hundreds if your car is not fit for the cold. 

"We always just kind of visually look things over while we under the hood to see if we can spot something that doesn't look correct." said Carl Clemons, mechanic at Woodway Automotive. 

We put our station vehicle to the test, and turns out three of our tires were really low. 

Mechanics saying it's because of the drastic weather drop. 

"That's a good indication that there's nothing like a nail or anything in all the tires because they were fairly even." said Clemons. 

Mechanics say having low tire pressure could put a hole in your pockets. 

"If you get on th highway with a low tire, the tire starts heating up from the pressure being too low, it can cause it to blow out." said Clemons. 

Mechanics say another item on your checklist should be the antifreeze. 

"You don't want it too low." said Clemons. 

They say that could cause major damage to the engine. 

And if you want to go anywhere in the first place, check your battery. 

"It gets so cold, that some of the batteries when it gets age on them, it can't hold amperage in the battery, so it kills the battery." said Clemons. 


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