Military Family Living in Fear of Drive-By Shootings

KILLEEN, TX - A military family is living in fear after they say their Killeen home was shot up three separate times. 

"I don't feel safe," says Becki Schucknecht. "And because my children don't feel safe, it puts a heavy weight on my shoulders and my heart."

The Schucknecht home is left riddled with bullet holes - all from three different drive-by shootings. 

Schucknecht and her family moved into their house on Vail Drive in February, and a month later shots rang out. 

"We were sitting in bed. We heard some ruckus, but didn't recognize if they were shots," Schucknecht said. 

She found holes in her son's window and bullets lodged in the wall. Last week, the same thing happened - this time the shots went through the garage door.

A day later the suspects shot through her children's playroom. One bullet traveled all the way through the house, barely missing her sleeping son. 

Schucknecht said none of her surrounding neighbors' houses were shot up, which leads her to believe her home is being targeted. But she's still questioning why.

"It really puzzles me. They say that drive-by shootings, a lot of times, have strays that will end up in someone's fence or just kind of off to the side. Not this case. They managed to hit our house every time," Schucknecht said. 

Shucknecht said she doesn't know anything about the previous homeowners. 

"You know, we did our research. We know what areas to stay away from. Again, things do happen, but we had no doubt about Vail," Schucknecht said. 

The family says they will be be moving out as soon as they financially can. In the meantime, they are considering installing security cameras outside their home. 

"Just so we can get our children in a safe place again," Schucknecht said. 

The family has set up a gofundme page to help raise funds. 

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