Mosquito season is around the corner


With the rain comes mosquito season, and many Central Texans are worried about getting infectious diseases. 

There are 26 species of mosquitoes in McLennan County. The public health district is reminding everyone how they can help keep this pesky pest population down. This is to eliminate any stagnant water around your house such as in watering pots.

Lorena resident Rose Mary Carman says, “People think that mosquitoes are not dangerous, but they can be deadly.”

She is bracing herself for the upcoming mosquito season. 

“We are going to dump all the water out of all the containers so that the mosquitoes cannot breed,” Carman says.

She’s even arming her pets.

“The mosquitoes will bite the dogs and give them heartworms so be sure to give your your dog a heartworm preventive pill,” says Carman. 

David Litke with the Health District warns mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases. 

“We are focused on West Nile Virus, Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue,” Litke says.

He believes in defeating mosquitoes before they even have a chance. 

“It is a whole lot easier to eliminate the egg at the beginning rather than trying to control the mosquito that is flying through the air,” Litke says.

Unfortunately, bird baths are a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes as the still water in them creates a cozy place for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Litke says the pesky pests don’t need a lot of still water to thrive. 

“Just two to three ounces of water,” he says.

Litke advises keeping lawns and shrubs trimmed around the house, and to use fans to keep the air moving. 

And what is Carman’s secret weapon against mosquitoes?

“I use fabric softener sheets, and that will help. They won’t come near you then,” Carman says.

Litke says a good way to protect yourself outside is wearing long sleeves and using insect repellant. 

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