National truck driving shortage

KILLEEN, TX - The things you buy could soon be harder to find in stores. 

According to the American Trucking Association, nearly 70 percent of all goods are moved on trucks - yet it hasn't been easy trying to find big-rig drivers. There is a national shortage of around 40,000 truck drivers.

Former Police Officer Justin Mullins is now working toward becoming a truck driver. 

"I always wondered, you know, it would be pretty neat to go on the road. And the money. The money is good in the trucking industry," Mullins says.

Milton Coneilly is also giving up his warehouse job to steer 18-wheelers. 

"I love it. I love the drive. And this is the industry I always wanted to be in," Coneilly says. 

There is a need for more people like Mullins and Coneilly. 

"There has been a great shortage. Each year it seems like it's doubling," says Sharon Phillips, of the ATDS Truck Driving School. 

Phillips believes the biggest reason for the apparent shortage is an increase in demand for truckers because of online shipping needs. 

"They have to transport more goods. They need more supplies and everything with people shopping online," Phillips said. 

She's continuing to encourage others to come sign up for classes. After all, the nation's economy depends on it. 

"People are going to be really unhappy when they can't get deodorant or toothpaste or something like that, you know. The industry needs good truck drivers," Phillips said.

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