Navy Week celebrated at Veterans One Stop


Navy Week continues in Waco. On Wednesday, dozens of Navy service members met with locals at Veterans One Stop.

“Waco has so far been far more welcoming and far more busy than I would have thought,” said Nicholas Ives, Student Navy Aviator with the U.S. Navy.

They didn’t only meet Veterans, but also future generations of possible Sailors.

“Maybe we’ll change somebody’s life for the better,” said Lillie Bland, Damage Controlman Second Class at the U.S. Navy.

Petty Officer Bland has been with the Navy since graduating from Harker Heights High six years ago. She heard about Navy Week and decided to come out.

“It can suit everyone’s needs and if it turns out it’s not for you after four years you can look back and say I served my country and there’s so much it can do for you,” said Bland.

She says one of the biggest misconceptions about the Navy is they are on a ship 24/7.

“We’re not landlocked and we’re not on the sea all the time,” said Bland.

“A lot of times when you talk to individuals they think that everyone in the military carries a gun and is on the front lines, that’s not always the case,” said Ives.

Ives says many people don’t understand the different jobs you can have within the Navy.

“The Navy is a war-fighting force, but not everyone in the Navy has the specific mission of they are the person fighting the war,” said Ives.

“All the different branches of the service you know, are brothers in arms, we join together in times like this and we’re proud for each other,” said Walter Lavender, Retired Senior Chief for the U.S. Navy.

The Navy Week events continue all week long, click HERE to see the full schedule.

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