Navy Week kicks off in Waco


Monday, April 2nd kicked off Navy Week in Waco.

The City is one of only 15 across the United States selected this year to host a number of events dedicated to learning all about the Navy.

“In the heart of mid-America, where many of our sailors hail from, we don’t get as much exposure, so we’re taking 15 opportunities this year to bring the Navy home,” said Rear Admiral Jay Bynum, Chief of Naval Training at the U.S. Navy.

For the first time, the Navy is taking on all aspects of Waco with Navy Week.

“What opportunities would be in the future for the young men and women going through school here and what opportunities the Navy might have and what we’re looking for and really, what we are about,” said Rear Admiral Bynum.

It’s all part of the Navy’s outreach program.

“Our opportunity to get out for folks to see sailors, hear the story of the Navy and why the Navy is important not only to the nation but to the citizens of Texas and the folks right here in Waco,” said Rear Admiral Bynum.

This week is jam packed with events, from musical performances, to teaching students all about STEM, and ending the week with the Blue Angels and Leap Frogs.

“The blue angels the navy flight demonstration squatter for the airshow on the weekend and also joining them will be the leap frog precision parachute jumping team which are comprised from our special operators our navy seals,” said Rear Admiral Bynum.

All to engage locals and raise awareness of the Navy, it’s mission, and it’s importance to the public.

“We’re here, we are you, we’re your neighbor, we’re your friend and we’re your navy,” said Rear Admiral Bynum.

Click HERE to see the full Navy Week schedule. 

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