New makeover for Bell County Expo Center


The Bell County Expo Center is about to get a new makeover. 

The Bell County Commissioners Court approved funding on Monday morning to repair the decades-old piping system.

FOX44 spoke with Precinct Three Commissioner Bill Schumann, who says this project will cost $1.5 million. 

However, the tax rate affecting property owners will not go up as the majority of the funding will come from the savings from the new equine facility which opened in August. 

Schumann says the project is expected to last about six to eight months. The goal is to have a construction company selected during this time. He explains the facility’s current pipes are leaking, corroding and impossible to repair because they are underground. This has been going on for years.

“The only option we had was to actually excavate and dig up the dome floor. We have not had the time to do that, so we tried some other remedies that were marginally the best,” Schumann says.

The new piping system will be exposed and easy to access. But will it look good?

“The architectural mode will be very pleasing and much in the architectural vein that we have now, where beams and pipes are exposed in the facility,” Schumann says.

Schumann points out fixing these pipes is crucial for the economy. 

“The Expo Center with the new equine facility is about a $20 million a year generator to the local economy. Having venues that can come here and can have a reliable facility to have their event is something we are very proud of,” Schumann says.

Construction won’t affect the facility’s operations. 

“All of the work will be done around the different venues that are going on. We never cancel events,” Schumann says.

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