No charges in Gatesville ISD incident

GATESVILLE, TX - Gatesville Police Chief Nathan Gohlke says an item taken from a Gatesville High School student turned out not to be any form of actual weapon in the legal sense and no charges would be filed in connection with a Wednesday afternoon incident at the high school.

The school district had sent out a notification to parents Wednesday evening telling them that at about 3:35 p.m. the high school administration was informed that a student had a prohibited weapon on campus, with the school immediately placed on lockdown.

The statement said the student in question was located and detained and a search of the student revealed a prohibited item.

The statement said the item was NOT a firearm.

Chief Gohlke said the item was not a legally prohibited item, but that it did violate school policy.

The statement released further said "Parents are reminded that students are not permitted to bring prohibited items on school grounds or buses. Moreover, students in violation of such incidents will have consequences according to the GISD code of conduct".

Neither the school district nor Chief Gohlke disclosed what the item actually was.


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